Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Watch: Win Worley Sermon Attack! Attack! Attack!

Faith in Jesus Christ in action is spiritual warfare, as we are in a battle between God and Satan, good vs. evil, and being trained to fight in the spirit is essential to winning the battles we are faced with here in this temporary fallen world on earth. 

Win Worley was a former Baptist minister when he caught on to the deliverance ministry; needless to say, he grew past his Baptist theology to embrace the Holy Bible's theology without man's traditions that are influenced by Satan. In other words, Win believed the Bible more than the Baptists, which is why he stood out and had success in this battle between good and evil. 

Win passed away in the early 90s from health issues, stemming from issues beyond his control. God has the keys to life and death for those who believe. While here Win fought on the front lines against the enemy with spiritual warfare using the weapons provided in the word of God. Specifically, his church did deliverance in Jesus Christ's name, ridding Christians of demonic strongholds and breaking curses; also, Win wrote many books and literature about this topic and he traveled around the U.S. ministering to others about deliverance. 

Here is a sermon from Win talking about attacking the unseen enemy, the fallen angels which are now demons. Win was a very compassionate and caring Christian man who dedicated his life to helping people get free from demonic oppression and curses -- his efforts helped thousands of people directly and millions of people indirectly, and is still helping us today.   

Finding deliverance ministries like this has and does help my wife and I grow in the Lord Jesus Christ, as our modern pagan country is full of occultic curses and practices. Breaking curses and getting deliverance was a major aspect of our getting freedom from curses and demons in our lives. Win Worley is a leader in this area, God bless his soul. Hope this helps you too.