Sunday, September 5, 2021

The Rising Protest Ch. 2: True History

Burning those who disagree with the AntiChrist Power

Chapter 2: True History

The old adage "history is written by the victors" applies to our modern world, as Jesuit universities set the standard for education, including American and world history. This is convenient for the AntiChrist Papacy, as it allows them to hide the truth of history to new generations of brainwashed Americans, replacing it with one favorable to their agenda and satanic cause. 

When a truth seeker realizes that history has been changed and repressed, they open the flood gates of truthful history which creates no mystery of the reality of our present world. In fact, the answers it uncovers bring shocking clarity to our present current events and situations in modern America. Whether this relates to the Presidential selection, foreign policy, moral issues, immigration, or even the controlled opposition line -- history reveals the reality of our present world. 

While the methods and extent of the brainwashing agenda upon us are massive and supernaturally driven, they are also simple to understand once a person washes away the lies and deceptions of history and our present reality. No, it isn't easy for people to get to this point of clarity, yet this is because of social pressures more than the availability of evidence. In other words, people want to fit in with the majority and be "successful" in this world of lies more than they want to know the truth of history and our present reality. 

To know the truth of history is to know the enemy of our souls, that is the AntiChrist Papacy, the Vatican, and the Roman Catholic Institution. This might sound too simple to believe, especially now that these powers have taken the posture of being a benign religious order instead of a divine ruler of nations with an iron fist. Now, instead of showing themselves to be our enemy as a tyrant with no accountability, they pretend to be pious while having proxy powers do their dirty work -- such as secret societies, Papal court Jews, cultural icons, and politicians. When you control the money (central banks) in the world, everything else conforms to your will, so it isn't hard to see how the AntiChrist has taken power back from the Protestant Reformation. 

The more educated a person is in our current Catholic educational system, the more they scorn any history that shows the AntiChrist and his church in an unfavorable light. This is why the supermajority of Americans disbelief the true history of humanity while embracing the false history which if accepted brings social and economic gain. Essentially, knowing and sharing the truth of history will get a person blacklisted from every organization that subscribes to the hidden Catholic agenda, which today means nearly every business or organization in America and especially every influential one. 

Fools are fooled easily, which is why American culture honors the fool. Ever notice how everyone wants to be the joker? When I was a taxicab driver at night in a college town, I observed how the main goal for everyone was to crack a joke, to be the joker. Being funny is something even not funny people aspire to be in a land full of fools and idiots, yet being wise is something only sought after for power over others, not for the sake of being wise and knowing the truth. Essentially, the main goal is to gratify and pump up yourself, not analyze and know the truth about oneself. How can a person be interested in other people not even alive when they are only interested in themselves? Is there no higher purpose for the modern man but to obsess about themselves? Is there nothing to learn outside of themselves that is worth investigating and seeking after? 

True history to those interested in searching it out is well worth the effort, as it uncovers what no man or organization can gainsay or deny. True history is found in the remnants of repressed books by Protestants and those believers during the church being in the wilderness for 1260 years of the Papal power's formal reign. That these books are still available in some of the hidden corners of our retail outlets shows the 1st Protestant Reformation is still working to give us our liberty even today as it is fading away like a puff of smoke. 

The 2nd Protestant Reformation will come to life when those masses of Futurist (Jesuit created doctrine) believers finally see through the charade and know true history once again. Right now, our eyes are blind to seeing the Papal power as the AntiChrist, yet the spell will be broken and fade away when the lie can no longer sustain the deception so desired by the wicked. 

Imagine, the true history of the last 1500 years is available to anyone who wants to know, yet hardly anyone wants to know. Those millions of people who have come and gone, as they thought about a time like now when people would look back at history and acknowledge what they went through. Yet, here we are, in the end of time, with all the information about history and hardly anyone cares to look. That is how brainwashed we are, to think the past has nothing to offer...all of our brothers and sisters who suffered so we could have what we have and all we do is forget about them and the past, which is turning out to be our worst mistake as modern humans.    

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