Watch: Jimmy Evans – Demystifying Marriage – The Four Laws of Love for Marriage

The four laws of love for marriage: Priority Purity Pursuit Partnership  Pastor Jimmy Evans does a great job counseling about marriage from a Biblical perspective. His testimony makes us feel better because he can relate to the problems people face in marriage.  It is evident, God has anointed him to teach about this subject.  There are so many people struggling in their marriages in America and the Western world especially. Marriages take work, especially when we live in a culture that has rejected the Word of God.  Saving our marriages is one of the most important things we can do as Christians, as divorce is wreaking havoc on people's lives, including the children who are learning to live dysfunctionally and not stay together.  There is much to learn about how to be in a healthy marriage. I know this is true for me. Learning to have a good marriage helps us learn more about ourselves and our walk with God.  I pray this video blesses you and helps your marriage. May God help our

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