Death Humbles Everyone

What do you know in the land of lies? How do we get so haughty, to not fear our Creator? Being a sentient being, we are aware of death, yet it is hard for a healthy human to consider that far-off future thing. We pray and hope for those things God has put in our hearts, yet there is an enemy putting things into our hearts too. These contradict each other and can diminish our potential if we yield to lies. God’s will for each of us is good and prosperous, to be comforted and loved, yet he can’t make us believe his message to his creation. The Holy Bible in its inspired forms is God’s message to his creation, to mankind. The Holy Spirit worked through believers and his only begotten Son to bring us his message, His story. The enemy has been hard at work to impersonate God and his believers, in order to denigrate their faith with a false religion. The false church the enemy has created is used by pragmatic social engineers to foment unbelief, indifference, and animosity toward Christianit

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