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Robbie and Fawn Newport (us)

  Greetings and Blessings in Jesus Christ. Fawn and I have been prompted to start this ministry in order to begin to do the work the Lord Jesus has trained us up to do. The Lord has opened our eyes and hearts to the reality of the world we are in specifically about 5 years ago. Since, we have been sanctifying ourselves from this world and getting closer to Jesus Christ by following His word in the King James Version 1611AV Holy Bible. 

   I have three other blogs where you can see what we believe further. We try to be humble people who wouldn't consider ourselves worthy of having a ministry, yet we have to give God a way to help us do the work of the Kingdom of God in a bigger way. Our hearts are desirous to help the poor we see on the streets, to minister to those who want to listen to the gospel, to inspire those in jail and rehab, and to generally be a help to the area we are in. 

   We live in the Eugene/Springfield area in Oregon, US. This area is a strong hold for New Age Religions and homosexuality. The college atmosphere here at the University of Oregon is a wicked scene that makes our hearts hurt. This ministry is us asking for your help in finding a way to have the resources to help people, but also to free up our time, so we can spend more time doing God's work in a greater way, rather than having to both work full-time and not have the time or energy to make the impact we know we could. 

   Jesus Christ has made us free, and we have learned about the deliverance ministry, the conspiracy forming the New World Order, and we have with the grace of God put away the sins that we were bound to. All I can say is this, we are sincere, regular people who have a desire to help people find Jesus. We feel God has trained us up, and now we're ready to take the next step of faith and make a bigger impact in this country we both love and have been raised in. 

   Our main focus with Jesus Saves Ministry is to give out help packs to the homeless and poor, give out ministry packs, conduct Bible studies and visit those in jail and rehab centers. We also would like to have an office in Springfield where we can conduct weekly showings of Christian watchmen broadcasts and videos as well as to organize and give resources to those looking for homes and jobs. 

  Please join us in our efforts and we will make sure to keep you informed through this blog, and the three others I write, about the progress of this ministry. We are excited to see what God will do, thank you and God bless. 

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