Saturday, October 22, 2016

Handing Out Chick Tracts

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(Update: Dear man of God, Jack Chick died the day after I wrote this article -- Oct. 23, 2016 -- and is now with Jesus in heaven, may his ministry and work be magnified after his death. What an amazing Christian life he lived, praise Jesus Christ for him and his ministry)

Chances are you've seen a Chick tract at some point in your life. Jack Chick has been making these Christian witnessing tracts for 40 or so years from what I know – a long time. These are small little comic book type stories about varies subjects, all ending with a call to believe on Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior at the end.

Really, that's the entire point of being a Christian, isn't it? Saving the lost, rather than saving our stuff, our lives, our jobs – in other words, not focusing on ourselves, but on helping others come to the faith of Jesus. Personally, I know that the only reason I'm even alive and saved is because of the mercy and goodness of God, so how can I live for myself?

Still, I struggle to make time to get out in this wicked world and reach the lost. There are many distractions and obstacles that Satan puts in the way, for sure. This can even be as simple as just not having the energy and motivation many times, and with all the confusion and madness in the world these days, this is often the case.

Even with my lackluster effort, my wife and I have somehow given out hundreds of these Chick tracts in the last year. The other day, I was able to give three away when we went bowling. One I left on a table, one I gave to a strange guy who came to tell us a joke I didn't understand, and the third I gave to a young man behind the counter when we left, saying God bless.

People like these Chick tracts, and these are Biblically sound and powerful messages from a sincere believer who understands that there's a heaven to gain and a hell to avoid. Of course, we avoid hell by having faith in Jesus Christ, amen.

Often, we give out some money and a Bible with the Chick tracts, especially, to those who are on the corner begging for help. These are easy enough, cause we all drive by them everyday, just have to time it right with the lights and all. Interestingly, these people often are so happy to get a Bible, and are usually in agreement with our faith in Jesus. I find the people who don't fit into this world and are on the streets because of it, are often believers in Jesus Christ just like us.

Some may say they are just saying this, but why would they just say this? These people have nothing to lose, they've already lost everything and have no reason to lie. It's actually rare for me to find a homeless person who isn't a believer, albeit, struggling just like most of us. To me these are blessed people, cut off from cable TV and the Internet, free from the temptations of fame, power, money, and other such things that snare many sincere believers.

I know, cause I used to be homeless, watching the world fly by in such a rush. I worked as a homeless person, but I wasn't in a rush like the other people. I felt bad for these people (and still do), who have all these things and are rushing around so fast they can't even think straight.

What a blessed God we serve, who is only pleased by our faith in him. It is only our faith that pleases God. Isn't that awesome? Isn't it awesome that God isn't a respecter of persons, surely, this is one of the most awesome characteristics of Jesus Christ. What a blessing to not have to be someone or have something to be respected by God! I can't say as much for many, even sincere, Christians who look down on people like me and these brothers and sisters on the streets. Aren't we all struggling with something in this confusing, wicked world we are in?

Truly, this is a confusing time. I just love the simplicity of the Bible, the Gospel, of Jesus Christ. Believe in Jesus Christ and tho shalt be saved! Amen, how simple, yet the enemy makes it so complicated. The good part is, we don't have to pay any mind to the enemy or those who complicate the message. We can just believe in sincerity and worship God in spirit and truth – and we'll be just fine, even great!

I'll leave a link below to Chick Publications, which is where you too can get some tracts to hand out to the lost. There are also some great books and other materials to get there, it will surely be a blessing to you and those you share them with. Let's focus on the Bible these days, and keep it simple in this time of confusion, not fearing, but being thankful for all the blessings God gives us everyday – especially, our salvation through his son, Jesus Christ. Blessings to you brothers and sisters.