Monday, May 30, 2016

Aggressive Freedom Deliverance Conference in Montana 2016

Eastern Oregon near Dayville

 It's been a month now since my wife and I attended the Aggressive Freedom deliverance conference at the Oasis Church in Billings, MT. We had a blessed week long stay there attending the conference. 

Beautiful wife Fawn and I at the Yellowstone Arts Museum 
Having fellowship with like minded believers, getting deliverance, hearing teachings, being prayed for, and singing songs to the Lord Jesus were all great things to do on a vacation.

Pastor Kyle and his wife Linda were the hosts of the conference, and it was being held at their church called the Oasis Church. The guests included: the Colonel, Steve Quayle, and Pastor Nickie Pinson. There were about 30 people who showed up, and most came everyday for the 6 days it was held.

The people came from all over the country, from Texas, Pennsylvania, N. Dakota, Idaho, and Oregon – to name a few. It was a blessing to meet the ones God wanted us to meet and be there with everyone. We collected contact information from about 5 families, and have been in touch with most of these.

My wife and I also went to the White Stone Remnant conference in Bozeman, MT a couple years before, where Pastor Kyle and Linda spoke as well. At the time, this conference was a blessing, but this deliverance conference was more to the heart of what's needed today: spiritual warfare. Deliverance, healing, and the gifts of God operating in our lives.

Montana Near Bozeman
There was good teachings by Pastor Kyle, Linda, the Colonel, and Pastor Pinson – and there was a few groups of worship leaders leading us in singing before each session. There were two sessions a day and three one day. Nearly every service there was mass deliverance, as well as a couple services were people were prayed for to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Pastor Pinson, to my wife and I, was the biggest blessing of the entire conference. His humility and closeness to Jesus and no nonsense teachings were appreciated greatly. He was also very kind and attentive to people to pray for them. In one session nearly everyone came up to be prayed for by Pastor Pinson, as he prophesied over some, cast demons out of others, and prayed for healing with others.

My wife was nearly first in line getting prayer, and Pastor Pinson prayed right to her heart and blessed her. I was reluctant to get prayer at first, thinking I'm fine...but with my wife's encouragement I went in line and Pastor Pinson prayed for me. He ended up saying a powerful word for my life, a prophetic word. He started out saying a scripture, which is about my favorite and maybe the biggest compelling scripture that led me back to Jesus Christ. Here it is:

1 Corinthians 1:27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; 28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are: 29 That no flesh should glory in his presence.

Now, Pastor Pinson didn't know me or my wife at all before this conference, and we'd only talked to say hello when he first arrived. Yet, he spoke the scripture closest to my heart, and then went on to say I'm called to preach and am going to be a powerful man of God – not by my power, but by Jesus Christ's power...

The prophecy was longer than this, but this was the main substance of what God spoke through him. I receive this prophecy, although it surprised me and I haven't formally thought about being a preacher. From what I've seen and examined of Pastor Pinson, he is a real man of God and has a gift of prophecy and a fear of the Lord. I'll put a link to his ministry and YouTube below this post.

My wife and I were blessed to be there among the believers, but Pastor Pinson really made the conference real to us. He saw me like no other man of God has, he respected me and talked to me differently than any other person ever has. My wife and I were both impressed with his humility and lowliness, and how this correlated with a profound love of Jesus coupled with a deep fear of God.

The other part of the conference we enjoyed had to do with my brother, which sorta lives in Montana. We've been working on helping my brother come closer to Jesus for years, and he'd been through a lot since we'd seen him last two years before at the other conference mentioned.

Me and Fawn Visiting My niece in Montana
My brother is now living in Arizona, but was coming through Billings to get some matters taken care of in Montana. The timing God set was perfect, as he flew in the last day of the conference. He came to our hotel after the last meeting and we had a blessed visit in the Lord Jesus Christ. My wife and I had visited my niece (his daughter) on the way to the conference a week before, and this touched my brother's heart and we saw how God was working mightily in his heart to bring him to repentance and faith in Jesus.

This is making a long story short you could say, but it does give a bit of what we experienced on our latest trip to Montana. I guess we and these people at this conference are peculiar people for wanting to spend our vacation at a deliverance conference, but really we wouldn't have it any other way. People may think drugs, alcohol, and things of the flesh are what makes a vacation exciting – really these only bring pain, suffering, and sorrow in the end.

The drive was very beautiful, especially through eastern Oregon. We had a blessed trip checking out all the small towns and the wonderful countryside. The only ugly parts are the big cities full of craziness...

eastern Oregon near Mt. Vernon
The pictures you see here are some of the ones we took on this drive, on our wonderful vacation trip to Billings, MT. God met us there and honored our efforts, using Pastor Pinson to speak directly to our hearts and having fellowship with such wonderful people.   

Pastor Pinson's Ministry in Texas:

Pastor Kyle's Ministry in Billings, MT