Thursday, January 14, 2016

January 2016 Update For Jesus Loves Ministry

Eugene homeless camp
   Really every Christian has their own ministry, if only in the second or third definition of it's meaning. We could call it: our efforts to reach the lost and hurting humans with the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Lately, our ministry has been steadily integrating ideas and practical works into our everyday routines.

  This modern world is a very busy place anymore. All these so called technological conveniences are actually cumbersome control mechanisms, which only free up time so we can be more productive slaves for the Anti-Christ over in the Vatican. The papacy always having been and still is: that Man of Sin, the Anti-Christ. Yet, we can be slaves rather to Jesus Christ, which is far better.

Cities and Money are a Cold Wind to the Lost

Many people are getting lost in the streets of these large cold cities, cut out of the beast system and without knowledge of Jesus Christ. They could be alcoholics and/or drug addicts or not, the real common theme is their unwillingness or inability, to fit into this beast system. This rare individual thinking is refreshing to me, and I see more potential in the homeless and poor than the rich – the doing well financial type.

Eugene downtown
There is this disconnect in some people when it comes to money. They simply worship it, and become blind to what it actually is and could be used for. Money is nothing when a person doesn't realize they are an individual God has made for a purpose. Those who are wise, understand money is simply a great way to help people, not to hoard, save, or worship. Yes, a person can live comfortably within reason and keep enough saved to retire (within reason), but after this: what good is any of our money?

Many times, those who have money, have received it from fitting into the beast system. Their agreement and embracing of the system, has led to them being rewarded through connections with jobs and wealth assets. There are (or used to be) some who've worked their own businesses and have nothing to do with secret societies or Catholic influenced society. Yet, these are diminishing quickly and are targeted for destruction by the beast system.

The homeless and lost around here in Eugene/ Springfield are numerous as usual throughout the year. Many come here because it's a nice temperate place for homeless to live, is safe, and has a number of resources for food, shelter, and clothing. 

My wife and I usually focus on helping these people with Bibles, Chick Tracts, help packs, money, talking with them and prayer. God generally brings at least one instance of helping someone every week.

Only one time was the Bible refused, by an angry man outside of the laundry mat. Yet, I believe he was a truth seeker and ultimately would find Jesus, maybe the half an hour reasoning with him on the curb in Springfield helped him know Jesus loves him. That's the whole point of our ministry, to let people know someone very powerful and true loves you, Jesus Loves you.

Colorado Family on Halloween

A Colorado Dad and adult disabled daughter were in need of help on the wicked night of Halloween last year. They were on the side of the off ramp of the freeway, so I parked the car and walked over to them. They were believers, but they used to be Mormons. I gave them resources information, twenty dollars, and some clothes out of the trunk of the car. We prayed against the Mormon curse and other demons, and loosed good things unto them in Jesus mighty name. Not sure what ever happened to them, but that was one story of Jesus Loves Ministry. 

A story not written because of conflicting schedule duties – this has been ironed out now and we'll post in here more often now.

The Long Absence of Articles

Forgive me for the long absence at this site. The last article was about Bill and his window washing business, which turned out well with Bill. Greg, who I gave the bicycle to in a previous article, he went to rehab about 6 months back. He was addicted to meth, but I was able to pray for him, give him a Bible, and include him in my daily prayer list.

My wife is going to write an article soon, and I've included JL into my work schedule for a post at least every month. We do have financial obligations to take care of before we can give more money away to useful causes, but this is being worked out after over a decade of being under debts' heavy burden.

Until next time, please remember the poor in your area – all those who are in need physically and those who are without faith in Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible. With just 10 min a week you can consistently help many lives for the better. God bless and protect you and families in Jesus name.