Monday, April 13, 2015

The Jesus/Bicycle Connection With Greg

   One of my current jobs is a newspaper delivery route in the early hours of the day. Generally, I'm working around 2-6am in the morning. At this time of the morning most people are asleep, but every once in awhile I see either young people who have been partying all night or a homeless person looking in the dumpsters.

   This morning it was both, there was some young people up likely drinking, drugging and fornicating all night and then there was Greg who I saw in one of the big dumpsters by some of the apartments I deliver to.

   Earlier in the morning I noticed there was a mountain bike on the sidewalk in a residential neighborhood I deliver to. It had a cardboard sign on it that said free as it was simply standing upright on it's kickstand. I didn't inspect it very clearly, but I simply kept it in mind. I sort of had the thought of how is someone going to find this bike seeing that it's tucked away in this residential area? Anyway, I carried on delivering the papers.

   At the apartments about a half hour later I saw this guy nosing around in the dumpster. I usually see a homeless guy on my route at least once every other week. Most of the time I catch up with them and give them some change and a Bible. I believe I've done this about 4 times now, and it's amazing every time the homeless man is nice and turns out to be a Christian! I know they are too, because my Spirit witnesses with theirs, although they are under a curse and struggling I know they truly believe in Jesus. I'll touch on this later in the article.

   At first I didn't think to stop and talk to the man this morning, but I suddenly had the thought to ask him if he wanted the bike I saw before. So, I backed up and said hello. He seemed to be strung out some, but was amiable enough to talk with me coherently and I could tell he was alright. I asked him if he wanted a bike and told him the situation. He was excited and he asked me “your a Christian huh?”. I said yeah I am, are you? And he said he was as well. He was smiling and stunned that I asked him to get in the car to go to the location where the bike was. He got in and we headed to the bike about a mile away.

   We talked quickly about his situation and then he realized I knew about conspiracies and what was going on in the world. We even began to talk about the fallen angels mating with humans as it explains in Genesis 6. Amazing again how homeless men are more knowledgeable and more Christian than those who wear suits and go to church every Sunday. These truly are the end days.

   So, once we got to the bike, he saw it and was very grateful for it even though it ended up having a flat back tire. I gave him a handful of change and a dollar bill, which was all the cash I had on me, and then gave him a full KJV Bible too. At first he said he already had a Bible, but right before we parted he took the Bible and was very grateful for it. He wasn't a beggar type, he didn't even want to take the dollar I wanted to give him, this was probably the case with the Bible too, although it only cost me and my wife a dollar to get it at the Dollar Tree.

   I then shared part of my testimony with him after he asked me how he could basically overcome his sin. I encouraged him to go to the Christian homeless shelter in the area where my wife and I give to monthly and we know it's a good place. I then prayed for Greg a simple prayer of warfare where I broke the curses off him, poured the living water on him, asked God to help him get a job, a place, and a car. I told him Satan was trying to take him out and that the thoughts he was having was from demons that came in through sins and generational curses. This was all in a very condensed meeting we had outside on the sidewalk of someone's house in a residential area at 3am. Greg then wanted to pray for me, and he did as he put his hand on my shoulder and prayed a very strong prayer for me and for him. I said amen and was grateful for his prayer, but I also broke any transference of demons and covered myself in the blood of Jesus after we parted.

   I didn't think this was going to happen this morning on my paper route, but because I was clear headed and had my mind on God ( I listen to Christian shows all morning on my MP3 player), well God was able to use me to minster to one of his children who was in dire need. I'm not sure what will happen to Greg, but this bit of encouragement and help can go a long way for someone who is down and out and forgotten by society at large. I know because I've been homeless before myself, and although I never had to dumpster dive, I understand what it's like to see society flying by and crushing me underneath it's cold progress.

   Amazingly these homeless people over and over I'm finding are not only Christian, but also they understand what is going on in the world. The conspiracy, the illusion, the deception does not have them! Let me say simply, it makes sense, because those who embrace this beast system are elevated, while those who reject it and are good because they have Jesus in them, they are pressed down – and if the person doesn't realize the spiritual warfare involved, they are prey to the sin that they can't seem to shake. Satan is trying to take out the men in America, and nearly every time I talk to these homeless middle age guys, they are there because of divorce and owing child support. This was the case with Greg too.

   I pray for Greg, I told him he was a vessel of honor and we need him in the fight to save souls. I pray he takes my advice and goes to the Christian shelter and gets back on his feet so he can be a force to counter the ever growing wickedness in this country giving place to sin and iniquity more and more. We don't have to be trodden down by this beast system, because we are in Jesus Christ's system and we therefor are kings and priests of the Almighty God. Even if we find ourselves out of a home, we children of God will not give place to the evil thoughts of the enemy and we'll only use our struggles to become stronger to save more souls!

   Another amazing part of this story I felt the urging to share, is that God can use me even though I'm mostly out of the way of society at large. Even with a lonely paper route in the wee hours in the morning he has given me people to minister to at the dumpsters. Truthfully, it's an honor to help these men of God more than it would be to talk with those who wear nice clothes and live in the hills in their big houses. I would much rather hang out with Greg than about you?

   May the Lord Jesus Christ bless your soul and give you souls to minister to in your day to day life!