Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Maximizing What We Have

It's been since August of 2014 since I've posted in Jesus Loves Ministry. The foundation was begun, but the working of the ministry hasn't been in action formally as much as we'd want. The principle I've attained from the Word is we have to be responsible for the little we have in order for God to give us more responsibility. 

Thus, although my wife and I don't have much, what we do have we need to maximize and appreciate in order for God to work in our lives in a bigger way. 

For the last 4 years we have been giving out the Holy Bible to people on the street with a couple bucks. The Bibles we buy are from the Dollar Tree, and they are 1611 Authorized King James Version bibles, approved by the inspection of Mr. Al Cuppett. So, you can get Bibles for a dollar each that you can hand out to people in need. 

I find over and over again that the people who are willing to hear the gospel are the broken, these people on the street corners. Many times when we have the chance to talk with them about Jesus instead of just handing out the Bibles and a couple dollars, we find they already know God. These people on the street corners are going to be more prepared and ready for the coming collapse than the rich person who hid in their big houses with their secret sins. 

What a joy it is to be part of the dozen or so ministries we are blessed to be part of. By giving our tithe to many different ministries in which we listen to, we also get their newsletters, magazines, emails, phone calls, and even meeting them in person. That's just the point, we have already a working ministry that is just beginning. A sister emailed me through my blogs the other day and I was able to help her find a place of fellowship in Salem Oregon. Now my wife is in email contact with her. 

Email, letters, radio shows, talking on the phone, and meeting people in person are all forms of fellowship that us remnant Christians really need. There is much that the average person can do just from their own home and computer. 

This is what I wanted to share. Although it's hard for me and my wife to physically find the time to go the prisons, the hospital, or wherever to minister to people - we need to start out with what we can do. A mailing ministry is something we can do. We order books and materials and then send them out to people we think it will help. We can write emails, letters, and call people on the phone as well to say hi, thank them, or voice our concern over an injustice like brother Kent Hovind who is being persecuted and they are trying to put in jail for life for no reason except he is an effective Christian. 

So the message in this post is let's examine closely what we have and maximize it's potential. After all this is what God has done with all of us. Honestly I was a wretched mess and still am sometimes, but God examined my heart and saw a love for the truth so maximized my potential and gave me his riches in Jesus Christ. All my wife and I are trying to do now is find a way to give back and help others find the light of Jesus Christ while trying to work and deal with this unnatural way of life this beast system is demanding from all of us. 

This blog is a good start for Jesus Loves ministry, and if you are reading this and have a question then just ask and we'll try to help. I'll be posting more often and sharing the results of this new outlook. God bless and know Jesus loves you.