Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 2014 Update: Help Pack Given Away

Larry and his cart after we gave the help pack

   Blessings in Jesus Christ. 

   August has been a hot month in the Willamette Valley as usual, hot and dry for this region at least. My wife and I normally do see many people on the streets who are hurting and in need of prayer and help. We try to make it a point to give people some change, a dollar, Bibles, or something to eat when we can. 

   Jesus Loves ministry hasn't been very active, but we have enjoyed the concept of having a formal structure to give us impetus to help people. With the drudgery of regular life and navigating bills, new jobs, money issues, and growing in the Lord - we are learning how to find the energy and time to reach out to others. Basically that means we are growing in the Lord, learning what it means to be a Christian.

    One night we decided to buy a cheeseburger meal and give it to a certain homeless character we knew as Dennis. He ended up not being there, so we drove around a bit and found another man on the corner. This man was in a wheel chair clearly disabled and hardly able to talk and use his hands. He was all smiles as we handed him his still warm cheeseburger meal from a local restaurant. We also gave him a small New Testament Bible and told him God bless you sir. These types of acts are very rewarding for the giver. It's God's money we have, and we need to remember all good things we have are because of God. 

    A couple weeks ago we found someone to finally give our Help Pack out too. This man goes by the name of Larry. We know him from seeing him collecting cans around the city and the markets we shop at. We have given him cans and money before, as my wife was moved by his gospel singing. He is a black man who has a deep lovely voice singing praises to God. When we see a person who is homeless pulling around a cart, singing praised to Jesus, this is what a relationship with Jesus is all about. 

   We met Larry one day when we were at a garage sale, he came by and was looking at stuff to buy as well. The garage sale people were a little weary probably with this black man pulling his cart with all kinds of seeming "junk". We though were happy to see him and struck up a conversation. As he explained what he'd been up to, we realized he was a very industrious man who had many projects he was working on. He also had some distant family in the area he visited sometimes. 

   We talked to him about Jesus to find out indeed he loved the Lord Jesus. We asked him if he needed a Bible, but he already had a few. We knew he read his Bibles too, we could just sense the peace in his soul. We shook his hand and said we were happy to see him, then gave him $5. After driving away, we realized we had the help pack in the trunk. So we pulled sort of went after Larry and pulled over to the side of the road. I got out and opened the trunk and got the Help Pack out. 

   The I just told Larry, we wanted to give him something. This pack has all kinds of good stuff in it to help you get by. He looked in there a bit excited and said "thank you." We knew he meant it, and we also knew we couldn't have found a better person to give it out to this time around. 

    We have the money for another help pack now, and so we are soon going to go shopping for the items. We may just make two of them with half of the items we put in the first. So, as for now Jesus Loves Ministry has been responsible for at least one Help Pack being given to the community we live in. Of course we put a couple Bibles in each one, as this is the major reason we are doing this ministry at all. 

   Telling people about Jesus and edifying people is something we do every chance we get in our lives. Customers, neighbors, strangers, and co-workers all know we are born-again believers! We have hopes to grow Jesus Loves Ministry to doing much more than we are currently doing. We are honest to say it's not money we need as much as motivation and growth in the Lord Jesus and his mighty Word. As for now, we are staying consistent and holding the ground we've been given. Always looking to go forth with strength and further our personal ministries to save souls for the kingdom of God. 

  Pray for our ministry and we pray your ministry is growing as well. Jesus is worth all our efforts. Pray for the persecuted Christians all over the world as well as our troops in harms way. God bless and may Jesus keep you and give you and families favor.