Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Jesus Loves Ministry Update July 1, 2014

Downtown Eugene Oregon

  Blessing in Jesus, I wanted to write an update for Jesus Loves Ministry. We launched this formal ministry to give us some structure to our efforts for the Kingdom of God. Our hope is it will inspire us to put more of an effort into helping the community around us and give us an opportunity to gather more resources to give to those who need it. 

  Some new ideas or developments for the ministry is our YouTube channel which we are going to place videos of our favorite Christian preachers and teachers. Also, later we plan to make videos of the ministry in action, possibly some interviews with testimonies. An update post that is weekly or bi-weekly is an idea as well. 

   I had an idea of a way for the homeless person or poor person to have their own fruit stand business. It would take simply a couple boxes, some containers, and a portable stand. Then they could pick some free huckleberries, apples, grapes, cherries -- or go to the U-pick places and pay a small amount -- and then sell them on the streets? I like this idea, but it needs some work. I like the idea of giving people the chance to work and do something honest to get them some money to try and get back on their feet. It's so hard anymore to pay deposits and pass the application tests to get a place or job anymore, not to mention the credit check thing. 

   My wife and I drove by a family last week that were sitting on and in their car with signs asking for help. They were on a corner  by an intersection before town. In Eugene and Springfield there a lot of people on the corners. Some of them are regulars, others are drifters coming to the hippie festivals, and others are people in real need. We try to help the ones in real need. Something told me these people were in real need. 

  So we turned around and went there to talk with them. The family was a man with cancer who recently had major surgery, a distressed wife, a 15 year old boy, and a 10 year old girl. They ended up even being believers in Jesus Christ, as they had on their cardboard sign (on the back) a prayer to God, Jesus Christ. They were a homeless family not from around this area. I think she said they were waiting to get disability or some assistance. The man even showed us his stomach where there was a fresh foot long scar where he had been cut open. They were looking to get a hotel for the night at the Hotel 6 nearby. 

  We don't have a lot of money, but we were resolved before we even talked to them to give them $10 and also we gave them two King James Version Bibles. The kids were excited to get the Bibles, and before we were done talking, the boy had his out of the package and was flipping through it. The money wasn't very much, but we were able to give them the number and address of the Mission. The Mission is a homeless shelter in Eugene, where we pay part of our tithe to each month. It is a Protestant Christian Shelter which does a great job helping people get back on their feet again. We gave them the phone number and directions and then said goodbye. I think giving them this information was what God really wanted us to do, so then they could have a place to stay until they got on their feet. 

   Other than this Jesus Love Ministry effort, we gave out probably three Bibles, some DVD's of Pastor John Torrell, some newsletters from Hand of Help, Voice of the Martyrs, and The Mission, and maybe $5 to people on the corners. This isn't to brag, cause it's nothing to brag about, it's just a way to relay what this ministry is doing to help the homeless, poor, and the lost. We haven't received any donations as of yet, but I believe we have received some prayers. We only want God's will to be done and whether there is donations or not, we will continue to grow this ministry and try to be more effective for the Kingdom of God. 

   Soon, Fawn will post an article about what's on her heart for the ministry. I will continue to provide updates and build up the YouTube channel (in the tabs at the top of page) with relevant videos to edify and teach my fellow Christian brothers and sisters and reach the lost who need to know Jesus Christ as their savior. The Holy Bible isn't just another way, it's the only way to God and eternal life in heaven. May God bless and protect you and families in Jesus name. 


  1. Love the fruit stand idea. Hope the laws there would be working in your favor.

    1. Thanks Deborah, would have to look into that, I've heard and seen people just using parking lots, but I believe they simply have to have the owners permission to be there. Probably have to avoid the sidewalks.